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Former South West president denied election participation in Baidoa

BAIDOA (SD) – Former South West President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden was refused entry to Mogadishu airport and is reportedly barred from traveling to Baidoa to contest for a parliamentary seat.

It is not yet clear who gave the order to block Sharif Hassan, with some claiming that NISA is behind the move, while others indicate that the travel ban was issued by the South West Administration.

Sharif Hassan and his bodyguards are said to still be inside Aden Adde International Airport.

According to reports, Sharif Hassan wanted to run for a seat in Baidoa where his son is the incumbent.

The South West State election has previously been previously denied other former and a deputy speakers in running for seats.

South West state president Laftagareen is said to be keen on being the new speaker of the Somali parliament, or appointing a someone to the post.

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