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Former Turkey Ambassador to Farmajo: Show same maturity as Presidents Sharif and Hassan

Mogadishu u (SD) – Former Turkish Ambassador to Somalia Kamaludin Kani Turan, has addressed Somalia’s election disputes, calling for the president to calm the tensions.

“I hope President Mohamed Farmajo shows same maturity as President Sheikh Sharif and President Hassan Sheikh showed in 2012 and 2016 elections respectively. Somalia need compromise not confrontation.” said the former diplomat in a tweet.

Kamaludin, currently a member of the Turkish parliament, previously served as Turkey’s ambassador to Somalia during the transitional government.

The statement came as the Federal Government continuously deployed troops on the capital’s main roads this week, forcing residents to walk to their destinations.

The Turkish government was recently part of a joint statement issued by the international community against the disputed election commissions, although the Turkish Ambassador to Somalia Mehmet Yilmaz expressed strong support for the commission.

Opposition candidates have expressed concern about President Farmajo’s recent actions against the demonstrators in Mogadishu and the government’s handling of the election process.

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