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Somali Man shot dead by Queensland police on Motorway

Brisbane (SD) – Police in Queensland, Australia, have shot dead a 22-year-old Somali man in central Brisbane, according to witnesses.

Police in Brisbane who were responding to a public call say the man was armed with a knife and was a risk his and the public’s life.

The man, identified as Rage Mohamed Abdi, was said to have been under surveillance by police on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack.

The dead man’s father said police opened fire on his son after he refused to stop while walking on a street in central Brisbane.

“People saw him with a knife and then reported it to the police, there was no attack, police have been harassing him for some time, they have placed a GPS tracking device, and there is no evidence to support their allegations, ”said Mohamed Aabi.

The deceased man’s lawyer confirmed that he suffered adverse mental event the night before.

“Mr. Abdi was not a bad person — he was a young man who — on information known to me — suffered a significant adverse mental health event yesterday and last night.”

Adding that the authorities targeted him “When he was going to Somalia to visit relatives, he was held for 18 hours and investigated as to whether he was going to Somalia as a foreign fighter,” Mr. O’Gorman said.

An investigation is underway into the manner in which the boy was killed by police and his relatives allege he was brutally killed, adding there was no crime committed by the deceased.

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