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Former US Deputy Secretary of State for Africa contrasts Somalia with Somaliland

Washington (SD) – Former US Deputy Secretary of State for Africa and Ambassador to Guinea and Ethiopia Tibor Nagy recently commented on Somalia’s current situation.

The ambassador also made comparisons of the differences between Somaliland and Somalia, politically.

In a brief statement posted on his Twitter account, he said Somali government officials would continue to betray the international community, following the extension of the term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, whose term expired in February 2021.

“Diaspora and International Community fund Somalia – for what? Even Shabaab raises more taxes than Govt! What has Farmajo regime accomplished besides staying in power? Ineptness, incompetence, corruption? What a contrast with “can do” Somaliland” added Nagy.

Nagy went on to highlight the political distrust of the Somali leadership, which he said would have dire consequences.

“Somali “leaders” scam international community again by extending Farmajo’s mandate. They’ll keep doing it until there are real consequences – not just statements. Somaliland looks better and better.” tweeted the ambassador.

Comparisons of electoral conditions in Somalia and Somaliland are on the rise, as Somalia’s election prospects look bleak as Somaliland is slated to hold parliamentary and local election in may.

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