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Galmudug and Southwest State Presidents to mediate Farmajo and Roble

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Galmudug and Southwest State Presidents of have traveled to Mogadishu and reported began talks between President Farmajo and Prime Minister Roble.

The two Regional Presidents met with the prime minister and the president, and advised them not to take any further actions that could escalate their rift.
Sources close to both leaders indicated to us that the Federal President and the Prime Minister have accepted the mediation, although each presented a set of conditions attached to the proposed mediations.

Prime Minister Roble insisted that Commander Bashir Goobe was to remain commander of NISA, and President Farmajo insisted that the announced appointments made by the Prime Minister were illegal.

The meetings are said to be ongoing and the two presidents are optimistic that the two top officials will finally be reconciled, so that the rift will not affect electoral matters.

Farmajo and Roble are at loggerheads over the management of the killing of a NISA employee Ikraan Tahlil.

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