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Galmudug areas liberated from Al Shabab

Dhusamareb (SD) – News from Galgadud region of Galmudug state say that the 21st Division of the Somali National Army (SNA) has taken control of new regions between Dhusamareb and Elbur towns.

Heavy fighting have been reported at Labi-dulle and Dhabana-Dhulkuheys areas where Al-Shabaab fighters were previously stationed.

Reports say that the fighting resulted in an unknown number of casualties including deaths and injuries on both sides.

A few days earlier, the 21st Division of the Somali National Army and Galmudug forces took control of Sinadhaqo and other villages under Dhusamareb district.

Galmudug regional state President Ahmed Qoorqoor visited the recently liberated areas yesterday.

Qoorqoor said the Galmudug administration is defending other unspecified regions from the threat of Al-Shabaab.

“We in Galmudug are resisting their(Al Shabaab) plots day and night. We don’t want anything special from anyone. They are Somali people, they are Somali territories and we should defend and liberate them, ‘said President Qoorqoor.

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