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Wadani Party Rebukes the Political Association Act

Hargeisa (SD) – The interim chairman of the Wadani Opposition Party, MP Abdikadir Haji Ismail Jirde, in a speech with at parliament, called it illegal to shorten the term of the parties.

The Somaliland House of Representatives is currently debating the Political Association Act, which is been amended and supplemented.

The Wadani Interim Chairman pointed out to the house of representative that there are suspicions of a plan to delay the Presidential Election, making the Act anti democratic move.

“We are in the fourth month of this year, with eight months left, add another year, it is a year and eight months , and no immediate rush to make to do this, the Presidential election is after the party licensing period, it will not happen before, there are already rumors that this is paving the way for the Presidential election to be postponed.” Said Mr. Jirde.

He added “If that happens, both parties will lose their licenses and will not be able to run in the presidential election.”

The chairman recommended that as there is little time left for the House of Representatives to debate the Act and should completely abandon the Bill and leave it to the upcoming House.

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