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Galmudug President makes headway with opposition

Dhusamareb (SD) – Galmudug regional president Ahmed Abdi Qor-Qor has begun negotiating with parliamentarians and all those who opposed his election and administration.

President Qor-Qor and members of Somali parliament who rejected the Dhusamareb election have apparently reached an agreement.

The parties agree that the parliamentarians will attend Qor-Qor’s inauguration, in turn, the Galmudug state president will work on the re-election of the parliamentarians and lastly, the parties will work together on Galmudug issues.

President Qor-Qor is also reportedly made amends with former Galmudug President Guelleh Haf and is reaching out to Ahlu Sunna leadership.

Many stakeholders in Galmudug and throughout Somalia have described Qor-Qor’s efforts as a way to bring Galmudug together.

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