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Galmudug President mediates tribal conflict in Dhusamareb

GALGADUD (SD)-President Ahmed Abdi Kariye of Galmudug Administration arrived in northern Galgadud region, where clashes between two clans had erupted days earlier.

President of Galmudug, upon his arrival, opened a peace conference attended by elders and representatives from both sides, emphasizing the urgent need for an immediate and sustainable solution to the conflict and fostering peace between the conflicting parties.

President of Galmudug outlined twelve key points as the foundation for a comprehensive agreement, including ceasefire implementation, collaboration with security forces, disarmament efforts, commitment to peaceful dialogue, and establishing a peace zone designated within the city of Dhusamareeb, the capital of Galmudug Regional State.

Furthermore, President Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qoor Qoor successfully mediated a ceasefire agreement between the warring clans.

Lastly, the President of Galmudug urged all concerned parties to refrain from any actions that may jeopardize the peace efforts in northern Galgadud region.

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