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Feds and Puntland move to normalize relations

BAIDOA (SD) -The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of the Somali Government, Hassan Moalin Mahmoud, speaking at a conference in the city of Baidoa, announced that the ongoing negotiations between the Federal Government and the Puntland administration have borne fruit.

The Minister did not provide detailed information about the ongoing negotiations, including who was directly involved or the specific points of agreement. He only mentioned that the discussions have been fruitful.

The Puntland administration had previously severed ties with the Federal Government of Somalia and had abstained from several meetings held in Mogadishu with federal member states.

The Puntland Presidency has not yet commented on this new announcement from the Somali government regarding the fruitful outcome of the negotiations between the two sides, and no known meetings between the two parties have taken place.

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