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Galmudug state withdraws from Farmaajo-Roble mediation team

DHUSAMAREEB (SD) – Galmudug State will not be part of the mediation team working on means to resolve the political rifts between Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and his prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, the state’s information hours after efforts to end differences between the top leadership have failed.

Speaking to the media, Information Minister Ahmed Shire Falagle said the talks between collapsed despite the efforts by Galmudug state leader Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoorqoor) to resolve the political crisis.

“Since there is no agreement and a lot of time has been spent, we are going to make it clear that we will no longer be a part of any negotiating team. Therefore, as Galmudug, we are standing aside to see what is going to happen as the leadership of the country fail to resolve their differences,” Falagle said.

The remarks of Falagle come hours after Galmudug State Minister of Presidency, Omar Shido, said that talks between Farmajo and Roble failed, accusing the outgoing president Farmaajo of brinkmanship.

Shido praised the PM’s team, saying that the Prime Minister faction had shown maturity in the talks but that the President would not concede on key points.

“As you are aware, President of Galmudug Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoorqoor) has been working on resolving the dispute over the Ikraan Tahliil case, which has caused a great deal of controversy between President Farmajo and Prime Minister Roble,” Galmudug State presidency minister Omar Shido posted on social media. “All efforts ended in a stalemate, with Roble’s side showing maturity.”

Galmudug President Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qoorqoor, South West President Abdiaziz Laftagreen and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Mursal have been working to end the Farmajo-Roble dispute in recent days after a first meeting between the PM and President failed.

International partners fear the power struggle between Somalia President Mohamed Farmaajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Roble risks undermining the electoral process.

The two are fighting over changes in the country’s security apparatus, following the sacking of national intelligence chief Fahad Yassin and Internal Security minister Ambassador Hassan Jimale by the Prime Minister amid protests by Farmaajo and his allies.

PM Roble appointed former National Intelligence and Security Agency chief Major General Bashir Mohamed Jama as intelligence director in an acting capacity and ex-Treasury minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur as Security minister.

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