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Garowe-Galkayo road blocked and Puntland minister denied access

Galkayo (SD) – Puntland Armed Forces with armored vehicles complaining of lack of financial rights are still on the outskirts of Harfo district in Mudug region and are said to be blocking the main road into Galkayo.

The Puntland Forces, who are complaining about lack of rights and salaries, have refused to allow Puntland officials to use the Garowe-Galkayo highway, particularly in the Harfo area of Mudug region.

Some of the officers leading the force told local media that they would not leave until they were given their entitled pay, and that they would not allow government officials to use the road.

Puntland Finance Minister Hassan Abgal, was prevented in traveling the road on his way to Galkayo by the protesting forces, forcing him to cancel his trip.

The military revolt comes as Puntland forces have been battling ISIS and Al Shabab insurgents in recent days in the region.

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