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Lawmaker ‘absent’ from yesterday’s meeting added to the list of suspended members

Mogadishu (SD) – Lawmaker Elmi Mohamed Nur who is on the list of 15 Somali lawmakers banned from the next five parliamentary sessions said he was absent from yesterday’s continuous meeting.

The lawmaker said he was not among the lawmakers who caused the uproar, and was surprised to hear that the session ended early.

Some members of parliament have been suspended following yesterday’s disruptive session, and will not attend five sessions, but the banned lawmakers defended their conduct, saying they will attend tomorrow’s session.

A letter from the Speaker of the House of Representatives signed by Speaker Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman has been circulated, stating that 15 members of parliament have been banned for five sessions in accordance with the rules of procedure of the House of the People.

Lawmakers said the speaker of parliament had a hidden agenda and wanted to extend the president and the parliament’s terms.

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