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Garowe: Six men charged with rape and a murder acquitted

Garowe (SD) – The Nugal Regional Court on Wednesday, September 2, 2020, released six men accused of rape and murder in Garowe last year, referring the seventh for psychological evaluations.

The court held various hearings on the case of the late Hodan Ahmed Mohamed Shanlayste, who was raped and murdered on 10 April 2019 in Garowe, ultimately acquitting and releasing six of the seven men in today’s court decision.

According to the court, various investigations were carried out on the seven suspects, using the Forensic Lab DNA tests, the results proving that they did not commit the crime.

The court also made the six released vow not to commit the crime, While the seventh man made contradictory remarks, the court adjourned his case for a mental health examination.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family objected to the court’s decision, and said the case had been neglected leading to the defendants’ release, adding that they have appealed the court’s decision.

However, Puntland has preveously succeeded in prosecuting and executing the perpetrators of rape and murder.

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