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Gedo Governor Opposed Election Observer Committee Appointed by PM Roble

GARBAHAREY (SD) – The Governor of Gedo region, Ahmed Bulle Canjeh, has dismissed a committee recently appointed by the Somali Prime Minister to assess the elections in Garbaharey, the regional capital of Gedo.

The Governor held a press conference, where he expressed dissatisfaction with the committee selected by the Prime Minister to recommend and monitor the election procedures in Garbaharey.

One of the main reasons the Governor stated was that the members chosen for the committee included individuals who conveyed that they do not want elections to take place in Garbaharey.

“The election in the country has three commissions: the Federal Electoral Commission, the Dispute Resolution Committee, and the State Electoral Commission. None of the members the Prime Minister has appointed for this committee are part of the commissions for the elections. Specifically, the Lawyer Omar Dhagey who we are not aware of his involvement in the election and why he was chosen to be in the committee,” said Governor Garaad.

A few days ago, the Prime Minister, Mohamed Roble, appointed seven members for the committee to evaluate the election procedures and situation in Garbaharey district of Gedo region.

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