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Al-Shabaab attacks Milho region again

BOSSASO (SD) – Al-Shabaab militants have launched a major offensive in Milho area of Sanaag region, and clashed with local and Puntland forces.

Reports say that about 70 Al-Shabaab fighters have attacked and took control of the area.

Col. Fuad Warsame Mohamed (Fuad Hanano), a senior Puntland defense official, denied reports that al-Shabaab had taken control of Milho in Sanaag region.

Commander Fuad Hanano, confirmed Al-Shabaab had launched a major offensive in the area but were strongly rebuffed by Puntland forces along with local forces.

The casualties of the Al-Shabaab attack on Milho area are unknown.

Al-Shabaab has previously taken control of Milho until Puntland Darawish forces pushing the group’s militias out.

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