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General Mukhtar and Hiran elders reach agreement

Beledweyne (SD) – Somali Federal Minister of Interior Mukhtar Hussein Afrah met with some traditional elders in Beledweyne today.

The meeting was requested by the Minister of Interior, as to cool tensions in the Hiran region, then discussed Hiran community’s opposition to Hirshabelle’s new president.

Beledweyne was the scene of clashes between government forces and local militias this morning, followed by several hours of demonstrations around town, the public opposed a scheduled visit by Hirshabelle president Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Ali Gudlawe).

At the end of the meeting between the Interior Minister and Hiran elders, the two sides agreed on four points, the most important of which was the suspension of President Gudlawe’s visit to Beledweyne.

1- That the Minister of Interior promises that the President of Hirshabelle will not come to Beledweyne, until the conflict is resolved and the concerns of the people of Hiran.

2 – The Somali government will not use the Armed Forces against the people of Hiran who are disappointed with the construction of the new Hirshabelle.

3 – The Minister of Interior called on the traditional elders to calm the situation in Beledweyne and take part in reopening the closed roads.

4 – That the Traditional Elders write a letter expressing their concerns about the formation of the new Hirshabelle Administration to the President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

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