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Germany contributes to the development of health services in Puntland

Garowe (SD) – The German government has donated funds to UNICEF to help improve health and fight Covid-19 in the Puntland region of Somalia.

German Ministry of Development Aid and Economic Cooperation donated 7.2 million Euros.

UNICEF, in collaboration with Puntland, are working to meet health needs in providing basic health services.

The German government, in collaboration with the German Investment Bank, has contributed to the strengthening of health services in Puntland to the tune of 23 million euros.

UNCIEF indicated that the new German funding will be used to support hospitals and clinics in the Nugal and Mudug regions.

Emphasis will also be placed on supporting maternal and child health, childhood immunizations and treatment of general illnesses in the area.

Medical assistance will benefit one million people, 250,000 of whom are children under five.

Jesper Moller, UNICEF Somalia Country Director, thanked the German government for its continued support and assistance to UNICEF Somalia.

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