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Ghanaian Vlogger Wode Maya normalizes corruption in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Wode Maya, a famous Ghanaian national known for his social media travels through African countries, has recently arrived in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

Wode Maya during his stay in Somaliland featured many cities in the country, however, during his stay in Hargeisa, he was hosted unbeknownst to him by the controversial Governor of the Somaliland Bank Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi.

Ali Baghdadi is accused of building a hotel and other apartments in Hargeisa through corruption and has so far arrested every journalist dared to cover his transgressions.

The Ghanaian social media influencer is said to have stayed White Horse, one of Baghdadi’s establishments in Hargeisa free of charge, clearly unaware of the corruption associated with the construction of the White Horse Hotel.

The Ghanaian influencer also unaware that Ali Baghdadi is accused of committing other serious crimes, including murder in Iraq, according to Sultan Dubad, a Somaliland traditional leader.

Proponents of Somaliland’s quest for independence have initially welcomed Mr. Wode Maya visit were deeply disappointed with his relationship with Ali Baghdadi and his corrupt hotel.

Somaliland’s freedom of expression advocates and journalists have demanded an apology from Mr. Wode Maya for promoting and legitimizing Ali Baghdadi’s Hotel.

“Wode’s visit could have highlighted Somaliland’s improvement over the last 30 years, instead he fell in with an scrupulous and corrupted politician Ali Baghdadi” said Hadhwanaagnews editor.

The Ghanaian’s recorded infomercials during his stay at Ali Baghdadi’s Hotel could be seen on Social media.

“For Mode’s credibility and for Somaliland’s aspirations, the references to Ali Baghdadi’s Hotel should be removed from the Vlogger’s report” added the Hadhwanaagnews editor.

Prosecutions are reportedly under way in Canada over the arrest of journalists and the usage of the White Horse registered brand name.


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