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Goobjoog News Deputy Director arrested in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD) – Journalist Abdiaziz Gurbiye, deputy director of Goobjoog Media House in Mogadishu, was detained at the police station in Hodan district.

The arrest has links to the journalist’s report of President Farmajo taking a donated ventilator machine to Martian hospital, where a lot of Covid-19 patients are treated, according close to matter.

The arrest of the reporter came after the authorities informed him to come to the police station, according to Goobjoog Media officials.

Goobjoog Media Director Hassan Mohamed Mohamud said the arrest of Abdiaziz Gurbiye violates freedom of expression and media independence.

The Somali government did not provide explanations for the arrest of the journalist, but opposition lawmakers and journalists who have posted articles on social media have called for his immediate release.

Media advocacy organizations have labelled Somalia one of the most dangerous countries for journalists to work, Amnesty International has recently released reports detailing journalists fleeing the country, due to the dangers in their field, the Somali government dismissed the report.

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