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Haram-cad & NISA forces Raided Basra District, rids of courts

MOGADISHU Monday, September, 5, 2022 (SD) – Heavy fighting had been reported today from Basra district situated between Afgoye District and Bal’ad in the Lower- Shabelle & Middle-Shabelle.

The fighting occurred after a joint Somali National Army, Haram-cad and NISA forces were deployed, and besieged Basra, an Al-Shabaab Islamic Courts Headquarters.

The fighting between Al-Shabaab and Somali National Army caused a lot of damage of property and losses of life as reported, although it isn’t clear yet nor can’t be confirmed the extent the losses of both sides.

The presence of civilians seeking justice from Al-Shabaab run courts there were confirmed in Basra. But it’s unclear if those civilians caught in the fighting were killed or injured.

“The brave soldiers who carried out the operation, one soldier was killed and another was lightly injured,” said Commander Hijar, who spoke to the media about the losses suffered by the security forces.

Other officers who spoke on behalf of the army, said that the operation was successful, killing most of the extremist militants and have destroyed the Islamic Court of the group located in Basra. adding that the forces freed and released a number of civilian’s prisoners convicted by the Al-Shabaab court.

The operation follows the Interior Minister’s recent order that all Islamic Courts of Al-Shabaab in Somalia be destroyed.

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