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Somaliland police deny whistleblower allegations of Human Rights violations

HARGEISA Monday, September, 5, 2022 (SD) – Somaliland police denied an allegations of abuse that one of the station officials said police inflicted on the prisoners.

Yahye Samaysne, a former police district deputy commander, recently confirmed the allegations, leading to his resignation.

The Police Command described the accusation as an attempt to damage the reputation of the police force, and warned anyone who is focused on tarnishing the police force.

“The Somaliland Police Force, is denying the news on the social media, that the Police Force is said to abuse and trouble detainees at the police stations”.

The police command confirmed that Officer Samaysne was the deputy commander of the Central Station in Hargeysa, and then became mentally ill, he was then transferred to the general command of the police force, so he could be assisted there, But escaped to Mogadishu and started spreading false information about the police.

The Whistleblower confirmations follow a series of Police brutality, including a recent shooting at and killing of prodemocracy protesters.

The officer said he resigned from the police force due to witnessing police committing human rights abuses against prisoners.

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