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Haramcad and NISA liberate districts in Lowe Shabelle

Mogadishu December 30, 2022 (SD) – Somalia’s Harammad and NISA forces have today taken over Gendershe and Jilib Marka areas in the Lower Shabelle region.

Al Shabaab fighters who had been in control of the two regions for a while left on their own, according to residents. Federal and local forces have liberated numerous al-Shabaab-controlled regions in the last few weeks.

In related news, Jubaland and federal forces killed at least 10 Al-Shabaab militants today in the Lower Jubba region.

The Commander of the Jubbaland Dervishes Army, Brigadier General Ismail Sahardid Keydsane, who spoke to the media, confirmed that the attack took place in an area called Muse-Haji under Jamame district in the Lower Jubba region.

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