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Demonstrations in Lasanod enter their third day

Lasanod December 29, 2022 (SD) – -Demonstrations in Lasanod have entered their third day, and protestors could be seen blocking the main roads, throwing rocks, and burning tires in the region’s capital city.

Most of the businesses in Lasanod were closed today, due to the ongoing violent demonstrations by people angered by the planned killings in that city.

Puntland vice president, ministers, and MPs from both houses of the federal parliament from Sool and Sanaag regions condemned the killings and the ongoing violence in Lasanod. The officials accused Somaliland of committing genocide in the Sool region and called on the international community to intervene in the matter.

On the other hand, the government of Somaliland, which failed to deal with repeated attacks in Lasanod, said it will pay compensation to the families of those killed by the Police during the protests.

The Minister of Information of Somaliland, Saleban Yusuf Ali Koore, who is in Lasanod, met with the relatives of the victims and confirmed that the government will pay compensation and burial of the deceased.

Clashes between the police force and demonstrators angry about the killings in Lasanod caused the death of at least 3 people and injured 9 others.

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