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Hargeisa mayor announces Waheen reconstruction committee

HARGEISA (SD) – The popular Mayor of Somaliland’s Capital Hargeisa Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge finally appointed a Waheen Market disaster recovery committee.

The appointment by the mayor of the capital follows a similar appointment made today by the Minister of Public Works of Somaliland, a move seen illegal by experts and the public.

“Fulfilling the role of the local council in accordance with Law No. 23/2019 Article 40 Paragraphs 4, 5, 6 and 7 on the role of the local government in responding to natural disasters, building inspections, Market Establishment, infrastructure and the current need to respond to the catastrophic fire that destroyed the Waheen Central Market which left many citizens destitute.” said the Mayor in his statement.

Adding “Therefore, on the basis of the above. Today, 26/4/2022, I have appointed a special committee to work on all issues in the Waheen market and contacts with anyone who may be working on the Waheen market crisis.”

The Waheen Traders who lost all of their property in the Waheen market fire have previously called on the government not to intervene in the councilors rebuilding efforts, and distribute the donated funds collected on their behalf.

The appointment of the Mayer’s committee appears to be a long overdue response to the government’s intervention in the relief efforts and reconstruction of the Waheen market.

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