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Hassan Sheikh details ‘plot to assassinate’ him and Sheikh Sharif

Mogadishu (SD) – Former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud alleged that he and his predecessor, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, survived a planned assassination on February 19th at a hotel inside the Somali presidential palace.

In an interview with KNN, the former president blamed President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo for the alleged planned assassination.

“I am one of the people who were ordered to be killed and the officers will one day be held accountable, be aware of the orders that are being given to you,” said Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

He added, “We called for a peaceful demonstration and stayed overnight near the protest site. The government forces attacked us, but were powerless but their orders were to kill us.”

He also said that since 2018 he and other leaders have been harassed by government officials, but have not take the bait.

The former president said the government led by President Farmajo has humiliated the national army and is losing the trust of the people, and the boys in charge of them do not know what is legal and what is illegal.

Asked why his National Salvation Forum was established, he said “With the expiration of the country’s constitutional institutions, we have set up a National Security Forum to direct this country to a fair and non-violent election.”

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