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PSF forces kill most ISIS members in operation

Bossaso (SD) – A 48-hour operation by the PSF in the areas of Madox Madow and Dhabancaddo in the Al Miskaat Mountains under Balidhidin district in Bari region has targeted ISIS strongholds.

The operation by the PSF has reportedly to have inflicted heavy casualties on ISIS, killing more than 24 members in a heavy fighting.

“The PSF has completely destroyed an ISIS base were they stored a lot of supplies and ammunition; At the same time, the troops set blaze two vehicles loaded with improvised explosive devices, which they were trying to detonate in Bossaso to harm innocent civilians, ”said a statement from the PSF.

A video of the operation has been posted on social media, showing PSF forces firing heavy artillery shells and rockets into mountainous terrain and the bodies of ISIS members killed in the fighting.

“These are the latest battles to end the weak Da’esh terrorist group in Somalia,” the PSF said in a statement.

Da’esh has not commented on the repeated clashes between Puntland forces and their forces in their mountainous hideouts.

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