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Hawiye elders issue stern warning on the country’s current political situation

Mogadishu (SD) – Hawiye traditional elders today issued a statement on the country’s election dispute, adding it was unfortunate and unacceptable that the country is without a prime minister for almost two months.

The chairman of Hawiye traditional elders Mohamed Hassan Haad who spoke at the meeting said that the upcoming elections will not be easy and as elders they know they will have a big role to play.

“While the Hawiye seat is missing, decisions are being made. We are warning against conflicts. We are also surprised that 7,800 students in the Benadir region failed the exams this school year. This cannot be taken for granted and we cannot hide that fact, education should not be politicized, ”said Chairman Haad.

Chairman Haad added, “We are not seeking or be relieved of position, but we know what is best for the community and the country as a whole, and our advice can be useful.”

Abdinur Ahmed Diriye, a spokesman for the Hawiye clan elders said “We telling the president that the students who failed the test have been educated under difficult circumstances, they were the ones who were excited on the day you were elected, the students, their parents and their teachers all took to the streets, it is unfortunate to see you watching them oppressed today. “

The elders statement comes at a time when the country’s federal and regional leaders are in Mogadishu to hash out an agreement on an election process.

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