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Garisa governor arraigned in court

Garisa (SD) – The Kenyan government has indicted the mayor of Garisa, North Eastern Province, Ali Bunow Qorane, and four other officials on corruption charges.

The government also charged Ibrahim Malow Nur, Garisa’s chief economy officer, Mohamed Ahmed Abdullahi, chief financial officer, Abdi Shale, chief executive and Ahmed Abdullahi. Adan Chief Accountant of the Municipality.

The officials were charged with embezzlement of public funds, abuse of their office, implementing projects without advance planning and and to circumventing the law.

Investigators say the misappropriated funds were from the World Bank and were meant to build Qorahey Market, rehabilitate sewer systems as well as rehabilitate roads in Garisa.

According to the country’s prosecutor, Nuradin Haji, the five officials have been charged with misuse of public funds from the Urban Support Program.

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