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Hiraan Governor: Hundreds of Al-Shabaab fighters crossed into Ethiopian, again.

BELEDWEYN (SD) – The governor of Somalia’s Hiraan region told the BBC Somali Service that Al-Shabaab fighters have crossed the border of Hiraan region and into the Ethiopian Somali regional government.

Governor Ali Jeyte Osman added that the local residents relayed to him that about 200 fighters crossed from Hiran region and entered the Ethiopian side.

The governor also said that Somalia forces are ready to cooperate with the Somali Regional Government forces in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

The authorities of the Somali region of Ethiopia have not yet responded to Governor Jeyte’s claim that Al-Shabaab that crossing into Ethiopia.

Governor Jeyte’s confirmation comes at a time when about 400 Al-Shabaab fighters armed with military vehicles have crossed the Ethiopian border from Bakool.

A news released yesterday by the local government said that the war in Afdheer region has ended and Al-Shabaab has suffered heavy losses.

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