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HirShabelle Electoral Commission Chairman fired and new one elected

JOWHAR (SD) – HirShabelle Regional State President Ali Gudlawe Hussein fired the Chairman of the Hirshabelle State Electoral Commission this morning, accusing the chairman of making risky decisions.

The Chairman of the Hirshabelle State Electoral Commission, Ahmed Hassan Diini spoke to the media in Beledweyne and accused President Ali and the members of his administration of directly interfering with the elections.

Ahmed Hassan Diini stated that the president of HirShabelle and his close associates had interrupted the continuation of the parliamentary elections, which resulted in the suspension of the election.

“you are aware that the election in HirShabelle has been suspended these days, the reason for the suspension is due to the interference of the HirShabelle administration, we also declare that there is interference in the process of the Electoral Commission”, said Ahmed Hassan Diini.

The dispute between the president of HirShabelle and the Chairman Hirshabelle State Electoral Commission started after the Chairman released a list of three elders that will select three seats last night, which angered president Gudlawe.

On the other hand, the members of the HirShabelle Electoral Implementation Committee elected Mr. Mohamed Hussein Mohamed as the Chairman of the HirShabelle Electoral Commission.

The Prime Minister of Somalia welcomed the move by President Gudlawe regarding the reshuffle of the HirShabelle Electoral Commission.

The elections of Baladweyne have been suspended after the dispute over some of the seats to be elected in Baladweyne, it was argued that the elections should be open and competitive.

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