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Hirshabelle elects new president and vice president

Jowhar (SD) – Hirshabelle parliamentarians have elected Ali Gudlawe Hussein as the new president of the Hirshabelle administration, after he won a landslide victory in Jowhar town.

Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Gudlawe) received 86 votes, while his only rival for the top job Abdirahman Jimale Osman received 13 votes.

Hirshabelle parliamentary Speaker Abdihakim Luqman Haji Muhumed announced the election results, announcing that Ali Abdullahi Hussein is the president that will lead the Hirshabelle administration for the next four years.

Yusuf Dabaged, who has served as the governor of Hiraan region several times and also served as a minister in the Hirshabelle administration, received the majority of votes in the Hirshabelle administration’s vice-presidential contest.

Yusuf received 87 votes, while his rival Mohamed Dheere received 12 votes.

A ministerial level committee was present in Jowhar, and the Hirshabelle administration will be led by Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Gudlawe), a former vice president of the administration.

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