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Hirshabelle parliament elects speaker, deputies

Jowhar (SD) – Hirshabelle parliamentary speaker election committee announced that Abdihakim Luqman Haji Dahir, has been elected as the new speaker of the Hirshabelle parliament.

Abdihakim Luqman, received 77 votes, while his rival MP Goodir received 21 votes, with one abstention, according to the Hirshabelle Electoral Commission.

The parliamentary speaker’s election, was scheduled to take place this afternoon, was instead held this morning despite the fact that it lasted into the afternoon.

Abdihakim Luqman Haji was a member of the Somali embassy staff in Sudan and was very close to Villa Somalia officials, who received great support for his victory.

MP Siraaji Sheikh Ishaq, was also elected as the first deputy speaker of the Hirshabelle parliament following the resignation of rival MP Sadiq Salad Warsame.

MP Mahad Hassan Osman has been elected as the second deputy speaker of the Hirshabelle parliament following a contest between him and his predecessor Anab Ahmed Isse.

The election of the President and Vice President of Hirshabelle is expected in the coming days and will put an end to the Hirshabelle election that has been going on for months.

The state elections are happening days after the president of Hirshabelle Mohamed Abdi Waare resigned due to his disappointment in the election process.

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