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Hirshabelle Parliamentarians table opposing motions of no confidence

Jowhar (SD) – The dispute between the President of Hirshabelle regional state, Mohamed Abdi Ware and State Parliamentary Speaker Sheikh Osman Barre Mohamed escalated out of control today.

Hirshabelle’s parliamentary speaker presented a motion against President Ware last night, a motion prepared by some of Hirshabelle’s opposition parliamentarians.

The motion states that President Ware has exploited Hirshabelle’s financial resources from the Somali federal government and developmental projects funded by the international community.

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker of Hirshabelle State Parliament, Abdi Hussein also presented a motion against the Speaker of the Hirshabelle Parliament Sheikh Osman Barre.

This latest dispute has to do with the upcoming October elections and the formation of a new parliament in the State.

Established in 2016, Hirshabelle has had two presidents already, with a weak state institutions. The dispute is expected further to escalate even further given the opposing parties commitment to have their way.

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