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Hirshabelle President Justified Somaliland’s quest for independence

Dhusamareb (SD) – The president of Hirshabelle State of Somalia, Mohamed Ware, explained Somaliland’s independence quest and justification at the Dhusamareb Regional Consultative Conference.

This is the First time a high ranking Somali Politician detailed how the two countries came together and the reasons Somaliland is seeking to regain its independence from Somalia.

“When the South and the North merged, in good faith. it was Northerners who brought their government to the South, we should have gave them the whole government, instead it was only Mohamed Ibrahim Egal who on his on got in.” Said President Ware.

The President continued to explain what happen since the collapse of the Somali Republic “ we built a transitional governments without any consultations with them, and ever since of the resumption of the Somalia Somaliland talks, they haven’t cancelled a single meeting, have they not earned the right to decide to take back their independence? The President asked.

The Hirshabelle president’s comments at the Dhusamareb Summit comes at the time this week when Somalia yet again postponed the resumption of talks with Somaliland.

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