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Hirshabelle President Resigns

Jowhar (SD) – Hirshabelle President Mohamed Abdi Waare has resigned, saying he disagreed with the way the new Hirshabelle administration is being formed.

In a resignation letter, circulated by Somali media, Waare said the formation of the new Hirshabelle administration which is current underway, could lead to political instability.

He cited the fact that the first administration was formed in 2016 during the country’s federal elections, resulted in electing an incompetent parliamentarians and a stagnant administration, which many communities complained about.

He said the same will happen again, and suggested postponing the selection of Hirshabelle MPs until a month after the election of Somalia’s new president.

Waare also said it is unfortunate that the opposition to the federal government, most of whom are from Hirshabelle, remained silent about what is happening in Hirshabelle, while always elevating problems of other regional administrations.

In the statement, President Waare said, because of those issues he decided to resign.

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