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Ikraan Tahlil’s Mother blasts President Farmajo after meeting PM Roble

Mogadishu (SD) – Ikraan Tahliil’s mother met with Prime Minister Roble today, later accusing President Farmajo of obstructing justice for her murdered daughter.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble reiterated to Ikraan’s mother that he was committed to getting justice for daughter sooner or later.

Ikraan’s Mother, who held a presser after the meeting with PM Roble, called on the Somali people not to stop standing by them, until they receive justice, and sent a message to President Mohamed Farmajo.

“I say to Farmajo, fear your God who created you and in the case of my poor daughter, who came to her country to help her people, get justice,” said Mother Qaali Guhaad.

Adding “This case can only end with Ikraan being found alive or the killers sentenced to death by a court of law and I can see their faces while being executed at the Police academy.” Said Qaali Guhaad.

Lawmaker Amina Mohamed Abdi, who was present at the meeting between Ikraan’s Mother and PM Roble, also accused the president and NISA of obstructing the Ikraan Tahliil case.

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