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Ilhan Omar: Trump’s attacks are getting old and reek of desperation

US President Donald Trump has lashed out at Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in a speech to hundreds of supporters at a campaign rally in Michigan.

President Trump claimed Rep. Ilhan Omar ‘doesn’t love the US,’ but that she does love ‘Yemen’ during a rally in Michigan Friday.

Trump said that Biden’s immigration plan would lead to a ‘700 per cent increase in refugees from the most dangerous terror hot spots anywhere in the world, including Syria, Somalia…where Omar…Omar, that’s the other reason I’m going to win. Ilhan Omar.’

“Ilhan Omar loves Yemen, but he does not love our country,” said President Trump.

‘She’s going to help me win. She’s going to protest when I go up there. And I’ll say thank you very much. Every time you protest, it’s gotta add about 25 per cent of the vote,’ Trump said.

Ilhan Omar responded to Trump’s repeated attacks on twitter.

Omar tweeted a response to similar comments Trump made at a rally in Wisconsin on Friday, calling him a 'neglected child'

The comments come as Ilhan Omar recently accused Trump of being part of a failed foreign policy, particularly in Yemen.

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