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Improvised attack targets Military Police in Mogadishu

Mogadishu September 13, 2023 (SD) – A car bomb explosion in Mogadishu targeted military personnel of the military police in the district of Dayniile in the Banaadir region.

According to reports, the car bomb attack took place near a military police compound known as “Siisii,” especially close to the Dhista area, and the explosion caused significant damage.

As confirmed, the car bomb resulted in the death of the individual who detonated the explosive device. Additionally, it caused injuries to six other people, including military personnel and women in the vicinity of the explosion site.

The authorities in Dayniile district informed the media that the improvised explosive device was deliberately detonated by the attacker, and they noted that the incident was intended to inflict harm on the military personnel, recognizing that the attack targeted the civilian population.

Just a few days earlier, another similar car bomb explosion occurred in an open area in the Daynile district, which also resulted in the death of the individual who detonated the bomb. Two men, who were reportedly associated with the attack were captured at the scene of the explosion.

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