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SSC-Khaatumo announces a Governing Council

Las Anod September 13, 2023 (SD) – The leader of the Governing Council of SSC-Khaatumo, Abdulkadir Ahmed Aw-Cali, has appointed the members of the Governing Council for SSC-Khaatumo, as reported in a statement from his office.

The appointments, made in a decree, outline the qualifications, knowledge, and responsibilities required for each position. The decree states that the appointments have been made.

The 9 members appointed to the Governing Council of SSC-Khaatumo are as follows:

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Suleyman Sancad -Secretary of Social Affairs.
Mr. Abdirisaq Yusuf Mohamed – Secretary of Planning, Development, and International Cooperation.
Mr. Abdishakur Jama Mohamed – Secretary of Interior, Federal Affairs, and Reconciliation.
Mr. Abdulsattar Sheikh Osman Omar – Secretary of Commerce, Industries, Investment, and Exports.
Mr. Dahir Abdirisaq Ahmed – Secretary of Information, Posts, and Telecommunications.
Mr. Mahmud Yusuf Hassan – Secretary of Security.
Mr. Abdirahim Jama Dalmar – Secretary of Education, Culture, and Higher Education.
Mr. Abdikarim Jama Warsame Digaale – Secretary of General Affairs, Transport, and Roads.

As the SSC-Khaatumo declared its independence and ousted Somaliland troops from some of their regions, the administration called SSC-Khaatumo was established in Laascaanood. It aims to become part of the federal government of Somalia, but it still faces significant opposition and chalages from Somaliland.

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