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international community welcomes decision to withdraw extension

Mogadishu (SD) – The United Nations and Somalia’s donor countries have welcomed President Farmajo and the lower house’s decision to withdraw from the two year extension and to hand over the electoral process to the PM.

Parliament today voted to withdraw from the September 17th agreement, repealing the two-year extension law, at the request of Farmajo, who delivered a speech.

“We welcome the actions taken today by Mohamed Farmaajo and the House of the People. We also welcome @Mohamed Roble’s role in implementing Somalia’s elections, which must be held as soon as possible.” Said the US embassy in Mogadishu.

The United Nations also welcomed today decision “UN in Somalia welcomes decision of Fed Parliament to reinstate the 17 September electoral agreement following Mohamed Farmaajo’s request: calls on Somali leaders to return to dialogue and prepare elections without delay: welcomes lead role of Mohamed Robleh on behalf of FGS.”

Also, EU Ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga welcomed the decision by parliament and Farmajo, and warned of further obstacles.

“The EU welcomes HoP decision and the announcement by President Farmajo. Now, no preconditions, no spoiling, no violence. PM Roble must count on the constructive support from all FMS presidents and other political actors for a Somali-led process”

International support for President Farmajo’s withdrawal from the extension raises hopes for elections in the country.

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