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International Partners comes short in addressing Laascaanood crises

Mogadishu Jan 01, 2023 (SD) – In a brief press release, Somalia’s international Partners said they’re concerned about the violence in Laascaanood resulting in civilian deaths and casualties.

The statement from the International Partners also called for calm and self-control. And that Disputes should be resolved through mediation and dialogue. Also, the Speaker of Somalia’s Upper House, Abdi Hashi, spoke for the first time about the Lasanod crisis, he, like the international community, called for calm and said the crisis should be resolved through dialogue.

The speaker criticized Somaliland for shooting at protestors while he reminded the people of Lasanod that they have been living in peace for a long time and should stop the protest and the destruction of property and negotiate to resolve the situation.

The protestors who oppose the presence of the Somaliland forces in Lasanod and Somalis who are saddened by the actions of the Somaliland forces, see these statements as being biased and not prompting a lasting solution to the conflict.

The calls come as Somaliland forces continued to kill protestors in Lasanod in the past few days, as people in that city are angered by unsolved killings but are now calling for Somaliland authorities to leave the disputed region.

Somaliland forces are using live ammunition on demonstrators, killing multiple demonstrators in recent days, the violence has been going on for a week.

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