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Int’l partners hails Somalia for halving fees for women candidates

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somalia’s international partners have welcomed the decision to halve registration fees for women candidates and looked forward to further steps to secure the agreed 30 percent quota for women’s representation.

In a statement, the partners have jointly praised steps that have been taken by Somali leaders to ensure success of the electoral process.

“We are convinced that a swift, peaceful, and credible electoral process will help return Somalia to the path of stability and prosperity,” the partners including the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations among other Western countries said a statement.

The international community encouraged the Somali leaders to maintain this positive drive so that elections can take place as agreed.

They said the positive atmosphere at the meeting, including engagement with other stakeholders such as the Council of Presidential Candidates, is fundamental to continued progress toward elections.

“We encourage the Somali leaders to continue regular, constructive, and cooperative dialogue throughout the electoral process to resolve any issues that may arise,” the partners said.

Last month, the National Consultative Council, an organ created with representation from the Prime Minister and five federal states said women aspirants at all levels will pay half the official registration fees.

“The Council, in considering a request from women, has reduced the fee for


candidates for member of parliament by 50 percent,” Mr Roble said.

The country’s election of the Upper House (Senate) and Lower House will be held on July 25 and between Aug. 10 and Sept. 25, respectively.

The presidential elections will take place on Oct. 10 this year.

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