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Southwest and Galmudug state appoint SIET chairpersons

MOGADISHU (SD) – Galmudug and South West state interim elections committees have today elected their chairpersons and deputies who will lead the poll teams during the upcoming parliamentary elections in the states.

Members of Galmudug’s State Electoral Implementation Team (SEIT) have voted for Mohamed Dahir Guled in unopposed election. He will be deputized by Said Adan Jama’a who received 11 votes.

Elsewhere in Baidoa town, the members of State Electoral Implementation Team (SEIT) of Southwest state have appointed Yusuf Abdikadir Mohamed as the chairperson.

He who garnered 10 votes out of possible 11 beat his only contender Mohamed Abdullahi Isaq who got only one vote.

Nuradiin Ibrahim Adan will be his deputy.

The elections of the chairpersons of Southwest and Galmudug SIET members come a day after Mohamed Irro was elected chairman of the Federal Indirect Elections Team (FIET).

The elected chairman won the second round with 14 votes, while his rival Liban Mohamed Hassan received ten votes.

Mawlid Matan Salad, a lawyer and former disputed deputy chairman of the Electoral Commission, also won the election of the Deputy Chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission.

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