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ISIS behind the Closure of Several Business Centers in Mogadishu, traders decry

MOGADISHU- (SD) -Reports from Bakara market in Mogadishu, indicate the closure of several business centers inside the city, and it is heavily affecting the residents.

According to the sources, the ISIS group was accountable for asserting many businesses in the market, especially the warehouses, to pay off what they call Zakat and additional taxes.

Business owners have reportedly refused to pay the hefty sums of money they were being forced to pay. Majority of the owners were not able to pay these charges and obliged them to comply with ISIS orders to close off their businesses.

“We are facing a lot of problems. You know that the government and Al Shabaab collects taxes from us. Now, because of ISIS, our businesses are closed today. They are demanding a lot of taxes from us. If you refuse, they will take action against you. They are targeting us or our property. I do not see anyone defending us. We are a community that is suffering in every way, ”said one of the traders in Bakara Market ,who declined to be named.

The Somalia government and the Banadir Regional Administration have not commented yet on the business centers closed by ISIS. It is noteworthy that the government and the Banadir Regional Administration have taxed the business owners in other various ways.

The business vendors in Mogadishu, are in a critical situation, where they are being warned to pay ISIS or take the risk of what the outcome will be for their selves and businesses.

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