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Somalia: Government Troops Deployed in Beledweyne as Rebels reject the move

MOGADISHU- Today, at the Ugaas Khalif Airport in Baledweyne, two planes carrying professionally trained wildlife animals, like cheetahs and eagles, police forces have landed. The planes that have landed, carried an approximate number of a 100 police officers.

The two planes carrying the skilled officers, flew out from Mogadishu’s airport, and it was said to be the first batch of an estimate of 400 troops prearranged to operate out of Baledweyne.

The precise reasoning behind the deployment of the cheetahs and eagles armed forces in Baledweyne is still unknown, but there are conflicting reports that the troops are planning to defend Baledweyne administration from the HirShabelle President, Ali Gudlawe.

The president has been denied entry into Baledweyne for almost a full year. There are other reports that indicate that the police forces are taking part in strengthening the security reach for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Baledweyne.

Residents of Baledweyne, have expressed concerns and fears over the arrival of the large troops in their town. The civilians dread the inevitable tensions the two sides of the armed troops are creating. One side is seeking to forcibly bring Ali Gudlawe to Baledweyne, and another heavily armed forces are stationed in the town to oppose Ali Gudlawe’s arrival in Baledweyne.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that talks between President Farmajo and General Huud ended in fiasco, prompting the deployment of the trained wildlife animals to Baledweyne. The decision was made to undermine the power of the Hiiraan rebels against HirShabelle

Conversely, the leader of the Hiran regional anti- government forces, General Abukar Haji Warsame Hud, in an interview with the BBC Somali Service in Mogadishu, said that the Gorgor and Haramad forces deployed in Baledweyne are undermining the peace talks he said he arrived in Mogadishu for.

“Beledweyne, as I see it now, will end up like what happened in Dhusamareb and Guriel. If the talks and discussions we came to have in Mogadishu are not supported, and nothing is put in place, and no consensus is reached; it will leave us no other choice but to worsen the situation, and they will be responsible for it,” said General Hud.

General Hud, also said that they would meet with President Farmajo again today, and the parties will discuss their concerns.

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