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ISIS claims responsibility for a blast in Mogadishu

MOGDISHU (SD)-ISIS in Somalia has claimed responsibility for a landmine attack that occurred on Tuesday in parts of the capital city, Mogadishu.

In a statement released online, ISIS claimed that the explosion targeted soldiers at a checkpoint in the Dayniile district of Banaadir region, resulting in casualties including both deaths and injuries.

The group claimed that the attack killed at least two soldiers and injured four others who were stationed at the checkpoint.

Furthermore, ISIS stated that it would continue its attacks and targeting of security forces and other government employees in Somalia.

There has been no official response from Somalia’s security officials regarding ISIS’s claim of responsibility for the landmine explosion in Dayniile district.

Most of ISIS’s attacks in Mogadishu involve ambushes and planned assassinations, due to their limited number, their fighters operate covertly within the city.

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