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Somalia reinstated as a full member of the Universal Postal Union

BERNE (SD)-The Minister of Communications and Technology of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mohamed Adan Moalin Ali, who is currently in the city of Berne in Switzerland and met with Mr. Masahiko Metoki, the Director General of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), at their headquarters.

The Minister requested that Somalia’s debt, amounting to nearly $2 million, owed to the organization for membership dues from September 1982 to 2018, be forgiven. Mr. Masahiko Metoki announced that Somalia’s debt had been forgiven as all conditions had been met.

Following the debt forgiveness, Somalia has been officially reinstated as a full member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), effectively ending the sanctions it had faced.

Minister Mohamed elaborated on the Ministry’s plan for the rehabilitation of the postal service, acknowledging the importance of revitalizing the country’s postal sector.

Finally, the Minister expressed gratitude for the UPU’s support to Somalia over the past years and said the ministry is planning to revamp the country’s postal infrastructure.

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