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Islamic Court sentences Las Anod police station escapees

Saaxdheer (SD) – An Islamic court in the Saaxdheer district of Sool region has sentenced to death two of the six suspects in the killing of two men in Kalabaydh, Sool region.

The convicted men were brought in front of the victims families, and later pardoned the killers, as they were broken out of a police station in Las Anod.

Instead the convicted killers were sentenced each to give the victims families one hundred camels.

Two of the other four defendants were sentenced to five camels each, after the confirmation that they were unarmed at the time of the shootings.

The other two, who were carrying firearms were also found not guilty of murder, due to them not firing any shots, and were sentenced to ten camels each.

Somaliland authorities who deemed the escape illegal. did not yet respond to the rulings.

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