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Israeli forces lay siege to al Shifa Hospital

GAZA (SD) -Israeli forces entered the premises of Al Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in the city of Gaza. There, they are reportedly causing chaos, panic, and harm to patients, medical staff, and other civilians.

According to reports from Al Shifa Hospital, more than 100 commandoes have forcefully entered parts of the hospital, posing a threat to its operations.

Witnesses have reported the presence of at least six tanks inside the hospital premises, and heavily armed soldiers who forcibly entered the emergency care section of the hospital, intimidating the medical staff.

Residents near Al Shifa Hospital have stated that they have seen intense confrontations between Israeli forces and medical personnel, resulting in casualties.

The hospital, already dealing with critical conditions due to recent conflict, is now facing further challenges, with reports of damage to its facilities and an increasing number of civilian casualties.

The situation is alarming and requires immediate attention from the international community to ensure the safety of medical facilities and personnel, as well as the well-being of civilians in the conflict-affected areas.

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